How to reset the WebGUI password for a Highpoint RocketRAID 3522 Card

Here’s a recipe to reset the IOPController password to access the WebGUI of a Highpoint RocketRAID 3522 Card running on OSX.

1. Go to the Mac driver/firmware download page for High Point Raid cards. You will need to get the flash utility that is contained in the EFI Firmware update download. Within the dmg look for a file called ‘flashelf_mac’, this will allow you to flash the bios using OSX.

Driver/firmware Download Page:

2. Next, go to the main Highpoint Global website and download the Firmware/BIOS driver for the RocketRaid 3522 card (see link below). This download will have the flash utility for the PC but it also contains flash files which can be used in conjunction with the mac flash utility. The file that we’re looking for is called ‘3522fs.blf’. Using this file with the mac flash utility will set the firmware back to its default settings.

Firmware/BIOS driver page:

3. Once these two files have been acquired I basically used the flash utility in Terminal and specified the flash file. Below is the syntax to get it to work. I also noticed that unless I rebooted the server it wouldn’t allow me to log in with the default password. The default username/password should be RAID/hpt.

./flashelf_mac 3522fs.blf

Flash RocketRAID

Background information:

What got me into this situation in the first place was the fact that out of all the passwords that I try to remember I couldn’t recall what I set the webgui interface for the RAID card. I’m running an Intel Xserve with a HighPoint RAID 3522 card connected to a Proavio 6TB R8-MS array system. I scoured the net for solutions but I could only find bits and pieces of the answer that still didn’t add up to the solution. I found one answer but it wasn’t clear where the flash file was retrieved. This will hopefully help some other person out there who’s trying to desperately get back into their web RAID management system. Good luck!!!


3 Comments on How to reset the WebGUI password for a Highpoint RocketRAID 3522 Card

  1. Jen Copeland
    March 23, 2011 at 8:34 am

    I don’t even know what this means… you’re a genius.

  2. A real person
    January 30, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    Wow, that’s a lot of spam!

    Gonna try this out and see what happens. HighPoint strikes again with useless help pages.

  3. Terry J Fundak
    June 8, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    Found my way to this post today.

    On a MacPro with Mavericks, I was able to reset the password by simply deleting the following file and then restarting the computer

    Open the Terminal.

    Make a backup copy of your file you are about to delete with the command

    >>sudo cp /usr/share/hpt/hptuser.dat /usr/share/hpt/hptuser.dat.bak

    >>sudo rm /usr/share/hpt/hptuser.dat

    It will ask for your password ( And you must have admin privileges )

    the terminal
    and restart computer.

    Worked for me. YMMV


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